Tuesday, October 21, 2014

trees without leaves I - variation 5

oil on gessobord, 6" x 6"

This is the last color variation for this image.  For these color studies, I have tried to push the color a lot from what one would consider "normal" colors for a landscape. 

Below are two photos of the beginning of this painting:
I first toned the canvas with a medium value blue (this isn't the best photo - the blue was more of a turquoise or teal), then blocked in the shapes with a brown.  Next I added the grayed light blue to the ground area, trying to keep it really loose.

Then I added another blue hue to the sky area and added exaggerated intense color to the trees.  I started out loose, hoping I would stay loose, but as you can see in the final painting, it got a bit tighter than I was hoping for...and the colors changed to more muted neutrals and "softer" which I actually like a lot.

Other stuff:

Below is my first try at relief printmaking. There are things about this print that I like but also some mistakes.  We just finished our third week, and I am finding I really love the process.

If you are interested in the relief printmaking process, go to this website.  It has lots of good information. 

Have a great week!

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